Monday, September 29, 2008

A Mother's Heart

Right now I am listening to which plays Christmas music all year long. I joined Live 365 so I could celebrate Christmas all the time, not just at Christmas. This was very special to me when I found it. You see, my son was diagnosed with leukemia on December 23, 2007; so my listening to Christmas music was curtailed somewhat. He had his bone marrow transplant in June, and I am living on a long in-drawn breath. In the meantime, I realize that there are few guarantees of happiness in life. Some would argue that there are NO guarantees at all. I say, "What about..." a jump into a pile of fall leaves, crisp October air, lengthening shadows on a late fall afternoon, a brilliant autumn in New England, soft autumn breeze, rain-washed sidewalks, children playing in the twilight, clapboard farmhouses, a starlit winter night, a silvery landscape, fir-scented warmth, frost touching the meadow, the country colors of harvest, ringing doorbells on Halloween, letters written on scented sheer stationery, a sugary snowfall, trees silhouetted against a winter sky, a mug of hot chocolate stirred with a peppermint stick, lighted windows, settling down in front of a fire, twilight in Colorado, calligraphy, candied apples, frankincense and myrrh, gossamer lace, a winter fireside picnic, ribbon-tied violets, a burnished western sunset, lingering memories, convent bells, a gentle harvest night, sweet-smelling hay, moonlight on the lake, leaves whirling in the autumn wind that is spiced with the smell of fall, the scent of wood smoke, the pungent odor of a spicy forest, clothes hanging on a clothesline, a harvest moon beaming over cornfields, Southern skies and Southern nights, shadows in the twilight, Christmas Eve communion, the heavy scent of morning glories, leather-bound books, sweet memories crowding out sadness, the smell of snow in the air, roads leading homeward, hometown memories, the moon casting blue shadows across the snow, the smell of honeysuckle, snowflakes dancing against the window, meandering country roads, morning mist, the shimmering silence of snow, nostalgic times of the seasons, monogrammed sweaters, a new dawn, tangerines and oranges that fill the air with cherished fragrance, sucking up the juice of an orange through a soft peppermint stick, the charm of country gardens, a small child slipping his hand into yours, memories of your grown children as babies, love at Christmastime…? These thoughts are from a mother’s heart as her son returns from yet another bone marrow biopsy. These thoughts are truly precious memories. I love you, Joshua.