Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Santa's Helpers

I have just been a reading fool since I accidentally made some wonderful discoveries on the Internet. I was introduced to Magical Holiday Home, My Merry Christmas forums, and Organized Christmas. I had no idea that there were others like me, others who love Christmas as much as I do. Well, there are! Not only do these other Christmas lovers think daily about Christmas, they even have a way to enjoy Christmas music 24/7 at Live 365! I only have one regret, and that is that there is so much help and information on just these four sites that it will take me a lifetime to savor it all! I am sure that many of y'all already know about these sites, but maybe someone will read this post and be as pleasantly surprised as I was. And I am positive that there are still more sites out there as well. So little time, so much to learn! TTFN

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