Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rudolph Days

In keeping with the Christmas Spirit, I will celebrate Rudolph Day on the 25th of each month. I have my Rudolph Tote ready for these occasions and will be good to go. One of the things that I want to get into the habit of doing is to try out all the new recipes that I see and just never find the time to do. But if I try out one or two recipes per month, I should have a nice selection to choose from when my cooking/baking marathon begins closer to Christmas. Now, how can I do this without gaining my December weight in June or July or August? I have a plan! Since I teach school, I will just make the goodies and take them to school, with parent permission, of course! I can also share with the staff and be able to have my cake and eat it to, so to speak. My first Rudolph Day will be June 25th—yes, I will be in summer school, so I plan to make two goodies to share on that day. Summer school will be over by the time July 25th rolls around, so I guess my husband will just have to take some things into his workplace! August 25th will be a school day with a new group of students, so this will be a good introduction for them to their teacher who is Christmas-crazy! I don’t think, though, that I will get too much complaining, do you? TTFN

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Leann said...

Welcome to our world!! Looking forward to reading your blog and all of your ideas!!