Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I LOVE Christmas

I teach third grade and have enough Christmas shirts, sweatshirts, and turtlenecks to last from Thanksgiving until January. I also have several Christmas lanyards for my playground whistle, and I have flashing Christmas necklaces and writing pens!! I adore anything "poinsettia" and plan to decorate the "Southern" way with poinsettias when our kitchen/family room remodeling is done. You might ask yourself what is the “Southern” way of decorating. I guess I should have said “a” Southern way instead of “the” Southern way. It goes back to Southern Living magazine which always has a wonderful Christmas issue and which also puts on gorgeous exhibits at home shows. Anyway, my mother adored poinsettias and had an idea of buying lots of them and placing them around the base of our Christmas tree. Wouldn’t you know it that Southern Living had the same idea!! Now, granted, their tree looked absolutely divine because it was either a silver-tip or one of those trees that is grown at high elevations. Ours was normally a cedar, but you just cannot beat the smell of a fresh-cut cedar. I would put our smell-good cedar up against a “home show” tree anytime. One year, though, my older sister just could not resist the lure of a Southern Living Christmas. We went to the home show in Charlotte, and she was entranced by one of the “theme” Christmas trees so much that she bought it right at the end of the show and took it home. It was beautiful with red and green decorations mixed in with pure white cotton bolls—yes the real ones!! That’s as close as my family ever came to a professionally-decorated tree. Mostly, ours was filled with store-bought, homemade, and school-made decorations and a lot of love. The next time I blog, I want to share about some sites that are helping me get organized for Christmas. TTFN!!


Carrie said...

Wonderful memory!

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