Thursday, June 12, 2008


In my classroom, I binderize everything—math worksheets, language arts worksheets, arts and crafts ideas, science ideas. I think you get the picture. (Is binderize even a real word?) Anyway, using ideas from Magical Holiday Home, My Merry Christmas, and Organized Christmas, I decided to become more organized for the holidays. So, I just finished my Christmas Notebook; well, maybe not finished, but at least put together. I bought a white two-inch binder that has a place to insert a cover and a spine label. I also bought two eight-tab packages of Avery labels—the kind that have the oval tabs that look like bright Christmas tree lights. I finally decided on the following sections for my Christmas Notebook:

  1. Calendar Pages
  2. Notebook Ideas
  3. Holiday Grand Plan
  4. Rudolph Days
  5. Christmas Countdown
  6. Menus and Grocery Lists
  7. Tried and True Recipes
  8. New Recipes
  9. Decorations Inventory
  10. Gift Closet and Receipts
  11. Arts and Crafts
  12. Books
  13. Movies and CDs
  14. Websites
  15. Christmas Cards
  16. Miscellaneous

My next job is to read through all the pages I have copied from websites, forums, and blogs and put my ideas and plans in the correct sections of my notebook. So far, I feel I have accomplished a lot; but I realize that the journey is never over—it’s only just begun!! TTFN

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